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Franklin County boasts over 25 pools that are inspected each year by Environmental Health. That’s 1 swimming pool for every 2000 citizens. 


Inspections cover proper water quality, proper sanitation and pH control, accessibility of safety equipment and other important factors to assure the public that pools are safe and healthy. 902 KAR 10:120 establishes uniform standards for public swimming pools and other swimming or bathing facilities.  The function of this administrative regulation is to assure the proper design and construction of new facilities as related to water distribution and treatment systems, and the proper operation and maintenance of all such facilities in a manner which will protect public health.

Public swimming and bathing facilities that are inspected can be located but may not be limited to the following:

1. Housing complexes
2. Hotels and Motels
3. Parks and Recreational facilities
4. Community-service organizations

All swimming and bathing facilities must comply with the laws and regulations given forth by the State of Kentucky. For information on these laws and regulations please visit the state's Environmental Management Branch.


Construction of new Public Swimming and Bathing Facilities

Before any construction on a new swimming or bathing facility is performed. Five (5) sets of plans along with an Office of Housing, Buildings, & Construction Plan Application Form (please Click Here to download form) must be submitted to the:

Office of Housing, Buildings, and Construction
100 Sea Hero Road, Ste 100
Frankfort, KY 40601

Each set of plans should contain the following:
• Name of the Facility
• Location of the Facility
• Name of owner
• Name of engineer, architect preparing the plans

*Plans shall be drawn to scale and include specifications including piping and hydraulic details.

*Any modifications or changes to the piping and hydraulic systems to an existing swimming facility may also be subject to plans approval before the work is performed. 

Please call the Health Department prior to plan submittal.

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